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Villa con Cuore's alternative education and art program "The Art of Creating You" 

is a monthly subscription program as well as a book which instills leadership qualities, encourages creativity, teaches discernment, teaches art history, and grows with you as your family does. Purchase your first copy.

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The Art of Creating You Online Course

"The Art of Creating You" 

offers an online step by step guide through each exercise of the book. Complete with Art history, quizzes, and new experiences available for students of all ages.

Our Online Community

Students are encouraged to share their finished book pages and bridging pieces, a lesson from the book, and submit them to be shown in our virtual gallery and social platforms.

As our book grows in popularity, so does our community. Students with subscriptions to "The Art of Creating You" will connect to that community and are welcomed to participate in sharing their own creations and stories.


Children's Studio Day

In-Person Workshops

Villa con Cuore's alternative education and art program "The Art of Creating You" 

is a dive into teaching the next generation of artists and dreamers about discernment, 

their creative abilities, connecting to their truth, and finding themselves through art.

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The lustrous grounds of Villa Con Cuore's art studios offer students a hands on art experience in a natural outdoor setting. Students play with clay in the ceramics studio, paint on mural walls, and learn techniques from professional artists. Students receive a copy of our book "The Art of Creating You", and take home their own creation.

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