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Bridging Tutorial

Bridging© represents a groundbreaking way of experiencing art, merging static visual works with dynamic film to create a multi-sensory experience.

Developed by Jerome Gastaldi in the late 1980s, this concept has redefined contemporary art appreciation, making it more accessible and engaging to a global audience. Bridging© harnesses the power of film and video to transcend geographical boundaries, allowing unlimited public access and a deeper connection with the artwork. Inspired by the seminal ideas in Marshall McLuhan’s 'The Medium is the Message' and influenced by pioneers like Nam June Paik and Bill Viola in video art, Bridging© stands at the forefront of integrating art with technology. Gastaldi envisions Bridging© as the future of art delivery, leveraging electronic media to reach the broadest possible audience, encapsulating a modern, transformative way to experience and appreciate art.

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