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The Art of Creating You
Adult Edition

"The Art of Creating You" includes an adult edition that spans areas of personal development, psychology, and ministry, designed to be used without any prior teacher training.

Art Education

The Art of Creating You integrates into social sciences, humanities, art, and English classes, exploring concepts of poetry, history, complex thinking, and introspection.Integrate into your school today!

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Mental Health

The Art of Creating works with psychologists and healthcare workers to help patients navigate and overcome difficult times. By using art as a therapeutic tool, the program allows patients to express emotions, process challenges, and build resilience. Through creative activities, patients can explore their feelings and develop coping skills, complementing traditional therapy.

Virtual Workshops

The Art of Creating expands its reach through engaging and accessible virtual workshops, allowing participants to benefit from art-based therapeutic practices from the comfort of their own homes. 

Video Conference
Group Hug

Become a Facilitator

The Art of Creating offers a unique opportunity for individuals to become facilitators, guiding the use of art as a therapeutic tool to assist patients in navigating and overcoming difficult times. As a facilitator, you will play a crucial role in a multidisciplinary team, working alongside psychologists and healthcare professionals to provide creative support and aid in patients’ healing processes.

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