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Episode 1: Vitruvian Man

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Someone inquired about the significance of the collaborative art book, "The Art of Creating You." The importance lies in opening one's mind through an artistic approach, by introspectively examining one's self, life choices, and the environment's influence on all aspects of life. "The Art of Creating You" serves as an inspiration for creativity through a definitive, creative approach to self-awareness. It's vital to question everything and everyone because what you believe will shape your future. The truth remains constant. As Rene Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am." In the case of Villa Con Cuore, it's, "I am, therefore I must think." Here are some selected teacher's guide questions for "The Art of Creating You": "The Art of Creating You" is precisely that – a depiction of you as a blank canvas. The choices made in one's life are the strokes that create and define who you are.

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